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I am pleased to present my small online shop dedicated to the old linen to you.

You enter are welcome there:
old laces, embroideries, fabrics … await you there.

I propose to you to share my passion of the old linen. A passion which has not left me for soon 30 years, since I made my trade of it.

Fascinated by the old linen, I admire this knowledge to make disappeared partly and respects this patient meticulous work.

Simple or elaborate, it is the reflection of the history of the house where it was born. Fine fabric richly embroidered, it evokes a rich person trousseau. In hemp, with a sober monogram, it comes from a more modest house. However both represented for the family a great richness and work hours.

To cloud is a enivrant pleasure. : to seek the wonder, to discover linen forgotten since of so long years and to finally to give again life and all its glare him after a careful washing and sharpening.

I invite you to discover the old linen which I chose for his quality, the beauty of his fabrics, the smoothness of his laces or the relief of his embroideries. It belongs to my own collection or was acquired more recently.

It awaits you for one second life.


linge ancien