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Linge ancien

I am pleased to present you my online shop dedicated to fascinating old french textiles


Everyone is welcome to check out my collection: old linen, lace and embroidery, old textiles, embroidered fabrics, and a lot more… so make sure to visit my website!


I share my passion for old linen with you. The know-how is something that I admire and most of all, I respect the patient and meticulous work.

The fine, quality and exquisite embroidered fabric reminds us of a rich trousseau. And if it is made from hemp and has a sober monogram, it means that it comes from a more modest home. Simple or elaborate, it reflects the history of the house where it was born.

However, the both represented a great wealth and many hours of work for the family. So I invite you to discover the old linen chosen for its quality, the beauty of its fabrics, the delicacy of its lace and the relief of its embroidery.

This old linen awaits you for a second chance.


linge ancien